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Waterdrip is a blockchain fund focusing on the investment towards crypto ecosystem, the blockchain underlying technology and the blockchain scene constructions. Its founding partners are also the experts and early participants of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Waterdrip company is registered in the British Virgin Islands and now located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

Waterdrip contributes more to the early stage investment of outstanding blockchain projects, especially to the China’s blockchain underlying technology projects. Since its inception, Waterdrip has invested many quality projects at home and abroad such as EOS、COSMOS、GXS、QTUM、Vechain、EchoLink、SDchain、EOSgravity、Rchain、Tokenclub、BOX、Alphacat、M2Cchain and BKBT.

Waterdrip has been named as one of the top 40 China’s most competitive token fund and won“the Most Outstanding Digital Asset Management Team Award” at POWER 2018 China Blockchain Contributors Annual Summit hosted by Mars Finance.

Waterdrip Capital is one of the membership of Nova Club.




RChain is a cooperative building a blockchain platform and social coordination technologies that address the world's greatest problems.


MTC Mesh Network connects one machine with another in the IoT. It is a decentralized network protocol, with its correspondence being conducted by mutual data exchange between communication modules installed in these machines, like BLE and Wifi.


EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as the first performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world.


Alphacat is a marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful robo-advisors focused on cryptocurrency investment. Alphacat’s predictive investment tools give its users a competitive edge by leveraging proven and patented trading algorithms, and combining them with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big-data technologies.


BOX(Enterprise Token Safe Box) is an enterprise-level digital asset safe application. It uses the public rational technology to protect the private key and operation instructions of various digital assets, and solves the private key and instruction


TokenClub is a blockchain based cryptocurrency investment platform, which provides investors with professional cryptocurrency market information, investment consulting & strategies and other comprehensive services.


SixDomainChain (SDChain) is a decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain.


EchoLink is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information.


BitGuild is a decentralized gaming platform built on the blockchain. Our goal is to solve several different problems that plague the current video game industry for both players and companies.


CashBet is an iGaming enterprise SaaS platform providing custom solutions for mobile, social, peer-to-peer, and skill-based gaming.


Beenews is the value discovery platform for blockchain and digital currencies based on meta-graph chain (BKBT-Token), for driving the healthy development of the blockchain ecosystem.


PalletOne is a distributed Interchain Protocol for Abstract Level Ledger Ecosystem. The PalletOne includes the Dapp, contract status and underlying blockchain three-tier architecture, smart contracts and underlying blockchain three-tier architecture.


IRISnet is designed to be the foundation for next generation distributed business applications. It is a self-evolutionary BPoS blockchain, built with Cosmos-SDK, that enables cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model.


Edgeware is a high-performance, self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform, in the Polkadot ecosystem. Participants vote, delegate, and fund each other to upgrade the network.


BitShares is a platform for stable value cryptocurrencies. There are now digital versions of dollars, yuan and gold that have the same prices and stability as their counterparts, but with all the advantages of cryptocurrencies.

Mining Fund

In 2019, Waterdrip Capital cooperated with top-tier mining companies in China to deploy a blockchain joint mining fund. It opened an important channel for traditional capital to enter the digital currency market.
Partner Affiliate
Shanghai WaYi Technology is a domestic first-class mine and mining machine operation service provider with industry experience.
Quality Resources
High-quality and reliable mining machine resources in the industry.
Professional mining machine operation and maintenance team
Mature strategy
Including digital currency derivatives strategies and hedging solutions.
Asset Management Services
The most secure digital currency custody service in the industry.

Digital asset management

Waterdrip Asset Management focuses on the digital asset market and provides mainstream digital asset quantitative investment and asset management services. Currently, there are multiple quantitative trading strategies that can stabilize profits. At the same time, it is also constantly exploring and participating in various digital asset markets to achieve short-term profitable high-yield projects to achieve capital appreciation for customers.

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